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Veg tanned 20mm watch strap and coin pouch. 
#edc #everydaycarry #leather #handsewn #handmade #leathercraft #watchporn #watchstraps #purse #etc…


Veg tanned 20mm watch strap and coin pouch.
#edc #everydaycarry #leather #handsewn #handmade #leathercraft #watchporn #watchstraps #purse #etc…

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Top 10 Overwater Bungalows

Whether perched above a quixotic lagoon somewhere in the remote waters of the Indian Ocean, or accompanied by a glistening plunge pool, these overwater bungalows that seem to float above the azure surface of the water are as close as you can get to paradise.

  1. Water Villa with private plunge pool at Dusit Thani
  2. Ocean Pool Villa at Kandolhu
  3. Royal Overwater Two-Bedroom Pool Villa at The St. Regis Bora Bora Resort
  4. Laamu Water Villa
  5. Overwater Faré at Vahine Island
  6. Waterfront pavilion with pool at Niyama
  7. Senior Water Villa at Constance Moofushi
  8. Water Villa at Villingili Resort and Spa
  9. Overwater Villa at Song Saa Private Island
  10. Ocean Bungalow with pool at Huvafen Fushi

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Malaysia Airlines jet crashes in Ukraine:

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The week has been most tragic for so many. In sum, Israel mounts its offensive on the Gaza strip, MH17 is downed by an SAM and closer to home, NBS FOC is cancelled because of 4 seizure cases.

Chinese: 悲天悯人

When we are asked to stomach these and all the while proclaim how the love of God is as real as it was before the world turned pathologic, it is nothing but the tallest of orders.

Rewind time by 24 hours. I’m reading The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith. Chapter 2 invites the reader to do two things - bask in silence (5 minutes every day), and to admire God’s beauty in daily life.

The world is one of anxiety disorders and uncertainty; it is no wonder why. Are we really going to be people who, pursuing our cause, take time off to appreciate the wonders of creation? How do we reconcile the warring imagery?

My time in silence has always been restful. For my ‘assignment’ on beauty, I picked human anatomy (as would a pre-medical student eager to start school). I have long pondered the factors that govern early embryological development - how can a single cell transform, almost certainly, into a fully-functional, intricately sculpted human foetus with anatomically correct tissues and organs? At my level of proficiency, it is already an amazement how gastrulation can cast cells of the different germ lines into the right orientation.

But it is a perverted world. On Wednesday I attended a class at church, and Pastor explained how we overcome the penalty, power and presence of sin.  The penalty is settled for the Christian believer, and ridding the presence is to come. That leaves us to spar with the power of sin. John sets out a wonderful analogy in his first letter, explaining how in ‘(overcoming) the evil one’, we are young men. 

Where sin, injustice, malice and destruction lie at every corner, the answer is not to either dwell on it or to ignore it. The advice is to be stakeholders and stewards, to acknowledge and live in spite of it, to be strong and courageous, to help those in need. 

Perhaps beauty is not only what the world was meant to be. Perhaps it is a sign of things to come, a handle onto which we can hope, because as much as the world says, the crux is not in the today. It is in the days ahead, for “this hope we have as an anchor for the soul, both sure and steadfast" (Hebrews 6:19).

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Wall of Peaks by Trevor Anderson on Flickr.

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Flåm, Norway | Andrew Cawa


Flåm, Norway | Andrew Cawa

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should figure out a list of things I love doing

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I want to know if anyone has ever succeeded living well all curled up in a little ball. If not I want to be the first to try.

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Black #Horween #Chromexcel exterior, bridle leather interior. #billfold #wallet

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Tiananmen Sq, 1989, before the tanks rolled in. 25-years-ago this week…
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Tiananmen Sq, 1989, before the tanks rolled in. 25-years-ago this week…

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